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12 of 12 January 2011

The sun is just rising on the new day, on the frozen landscape Studio ready for the next day of work, sun coming in at eight am Biscuits and gravy for breakfast, they feed everyone quite heartily here, especially the blacksmiths! I am showing the students how to do a monoprint on a screen Today I visited the bread baking studio next door. They give us samples every day. Today they were doing sourdough. This is their wood fired oven. The samples on the line, freezing in the snow. They were very smelly. I took a walk to visit some of the other studios today, giving my students some requested work time to process all the new information. This is the painting studio. Glad for my LL Bean sheepskin boots in the mud and snow! Finally get to use my New England gear. After classes were over, went to the blacksmith forge and watched the smith forge a knife. He made it out of an old file. Then on the way to supper stopped and saw the dollmakers. They were working on hands today. The sun went down as I walked to supper.  After supper, more studio, and now I am uploading these in the library before I go to bed, I will be in bed by ten I hope!

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Snow and sun

 View from my front yard Sun on the mountains off the back porch Nature's abstractions Contrast of form and line Wall texture Light is incredible the snow traces lines of the branches Calligraphic dance The sun was just shining through, so beautiful10.jpg I could not believe the sun and the mist. Taken from the porch of the old house, the same hills, seen from the house on the hill13.jpg

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