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We might have a white Christmas

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Hay bales

Even though its into December, this verdant new growth is sprouting out of the hay bales.

Hay bales

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A quiet presence.

Knitting Relay FOTO fonte web: Knitted art

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William King Show

This is finally a better photo of two of the William king pieces

William King

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The twelfth day of the twelfth month of 2012 and my birth date

Life dormant within this tree against the early morning sky. I had a cup of coffee and looked at the day. Misty early morning Although we are overwhelmed with projects, we had time to put up a few lights. Joy to the world. Morning was working on grading in my library. I love my library its so snuggly. And full of books, paints, sketch materials, odds and ends, items. A reflection of the inside of my brain. I was so happy to finish making my new sketch journal today and I will be able to take it to New England. At around three, I went for a walk with Elbow. The sun is just setting behind my house. The second tree in from the left is the tree in the first picture. There is a duck swimming in this pond if you can see it. We walk up the left side of the pond and then up on top of the hill. I love the very top. We can see for miles. Elbow loves to run down the hill. Every tiny thing has such beauty in the world. Even though its into December, this verdant new growth is sprouting out of the hay bales. The evening light on top of the hill is amazing.

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When there are so many things to do, one thing at a time can work, if I can stick to it.

One thing at a time

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Thinking about grasses

Its always such a whoosh when I finish a major work. I am thinking about grasses now. New research to begin.

I am thinking of grass as one of the oldest semi complex plant forms. It will exist after we are all gone. And existed before, also.

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New work at William king museum

New work at William king museum Abington va. Opening Thursday December 6 6-8 pmHanging with curator Charlesey CharltonRepurposed


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Finish this piece today hanging Monday

We are hanging the show at William King Museum tomorrow. I still dont know when the opening is.


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The world is an amazing beautiful miracle


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View from top of the left half

View from top left half

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Thanksgiving table set for elbow, Dan, and I

Thanksgiving Table

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One stitch at a time

One stitch at a time

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Winter coming to Stoney creek…happy Halloween!

October Snow

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My work at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

Its a little off from the color. A kind friend took these on her cell phone. But you can get the idea of the size, scale and impact of these pieces.

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Special Day

Those who know me very well know today is a very special day for me

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Out of the brace

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My new studio table

I am happy it is twelve feet long and seven feet wide and I can get all the way around it. It is also made so if I do bigger pieces we can add to it.

Studio table

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Today’s Walk

Today's Walk

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Last night


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Purple mountain back yard


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Getting back to work

getting back to work slowlyRocking the back brace
I had a great prognosis this morning. New bone is growing the way it should. Six more weeks in the brace all on track. Up to two miles a day up and Down hills. Never thought I would be grateful to be able to wash dishes.
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It would progress faster if I could sit longer


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The walk to the mailbox

The walk to the mailbox has become the days large adventure. My world has become very small. This is the journey to and home from the mailbox. Elbow and I visited the mother spider , you can see her nest in the mail box



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Working on the William King piece

It will be 72 h and 56 wide when it goes into William king museum

Now it is twelve h x 6 w

William King repurpose

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Menninger Chapel Installation

finally have a picture of the installation at Menninger Chapel

Menninger Chapel

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As time passes…

The initial piece is around two by three inches. Yesterday’s grew to about a foot long. Today… We will see…

As time passes

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It begins here

It begins here

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On guard

Where I am right now elbow and I are guarding the hill

Guarding the hill

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“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd…”

Einstein Quote

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Textile Forum Article

I used to be so inspired by Textilforum when I was at RISD as a graduate student. Now, here I am, published there. Now I can be an inspiration to students. What a gift. Textile Forum Quarter 2 2012: Resist Dyeing II


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Repurposed at the Best of Tennessee Craft Biennial

So this will be in the best of tennessee craft biennial. Now I need to make another one for the William King museum. I need to get back on my feet! I am losing touch with everyone!

Best of Tennessee

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Blue Plum Festival Exhibition

This is at the Tipton Gallery on Spring St in Johnson City TN. The gallery will be open from 1-5 today during the Blue Plum festival.

Tipton Gallery

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I have spondylolisthesis.

I hope I get to play that word in scrabble.

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Whidbey Island

wonderful memory and cant wait to go again. I loved teaching this class with Jozef.

2012-05-02 2012-05-02b

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Roan Mountain

I went to Southeast fiber educator conference . Dan picked me up and we had a picnic on roan mountain .

Roan Mountain

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Come to Peters Valley in June to Create Patterns on Wool and Silk with Acid Dyes


Create Patterns on Wool & Silk with Acid Dyes

Date: June 22 – 26, 2012 (5 Days)

Instructor: Carol LeBaron

Level: Beginner and Beyond

Class Description: Come create patterns with both surface and immersion techniques on wool and silk. Beginners will learn the fundamentals of dyeing and printing protein fibers, while advanced students will have a chance to push the boundaries of the medium  We will work with purchased wool fabric, wool fiber, silks and found fabrics from your stash, and, if possible, simple open plain weave fabrics that you may prepare ahead if you are a weaver. You will leave with simple finished piece or a bag full of beautiful sample explorations. Some experience helpful but not required; advanced/returning students can explore all techniques further.

More info

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