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It would progress faster if I could sit longer


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The walk to the mailbox

The walk to the mailbox has become the days large adventure. My world has become very small. This is the journey to and home from the mailbox. Elbow and I visited the mother spider , you can see her nest in the mail box



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Working on the William King piece

It will be 72 h and 56 wide when it goes into William king museum

Now it is twelve h x 6 w

William King repurpose

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Menninger Chapel Installation

finally have a picture of the installation at Menninger Chapel

Menninger Chapel

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As time passes…

The initial piece is around two by three inches. Yesterday’s grew to about a foot long. Today… We will see…

As time passes

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It begins here

It begins here

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On guard

Where I am right now elbow and I are guarding the hill

Guarding the hill

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“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd…”

Einstein Quote

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Textile Forum Article

I used to be so inspired by Textilforum when I was at RISD as a graduate student. Now, here I am, published there. Now I can be an inspiration to students. What a gift. Textile Forum Quarter 2 2012: Resist Dyeing II


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Repurposed at the Best of Tennessee Craft Biennial

So this will be in the best of tennessee craft biennial. Now I need to make another one for the William King museum. I need to get back on my feet! I am losing touch with everyone!

Best of Tennessee

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Blue Plum Festival Exhibition

This is at the Tipton Gallery on Spring St in Johnson City TN. The gallery will be open from 1-5 today during the Blue Plum festival.

Tipton Gallery

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