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31/365: Spring..?.

It always amazes me to see these on the last day of January. These brave daffodil shoots always come out at the end of January. It will be another six weeks or so before we see blossoms. Today it is snowing and I will photograph them when I go by them.


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30/365: Beech Friend

Here is another tree friend from my walk.
I am very behind on my posting but I want the 365 community to know I have been viewing and enjoying the pictures and hope I am still a part of! My friends the trees are enjoying their momentary fame.
Beech friend

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29/365: Frozen Twigs and Grasses

The little stream by my walk is an ever changing sculpture.
Frozen twigs

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28/365: Vertical Frozen Mud

Who knew mud could freeze in a vertical configuration. I think it had to do with the way the water trickled down the hill. I looked at my feet when it began crunching
Vertical Mud

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27/365: Cold Sunrise

The snow was piling up in New England. Here in Stoney Creek we had echoes, flurries, and cold sunshine.
Cold sunrise

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26/365: Student Experiments: Dominant and Subordinate

So today was the first day of 3d Design Class. These students have never made anything three dimensional; all their art experience is drawing and painting. I tasked them with bringing in things from home and/or using what they found in the classroom and experimenting with what it was like to make three dimensional drawings; to attach materials together to make something that might stand up or take up space.. They were to have either Line, Plane, or Volume be dominant

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25/365: Jan 25 me

So as Jim always says, some days there is only one photo on the camera roll and today it was this one, orchestrated by me, taken by someone else; it was a Good Morning! to my daughter, who sent me a BitStrip of herself.

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A Point of View: Why tyrants are afraid of art and beauty

Beauty – and art – may seem unnecessary luxuries, but they are as essential to our survival as food and water, argues AL Kennedy.

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24/365: Winter Pond

It doesn’t snow very often here and the water does not freeze over. I felt lucky to capture this pond. Luckily the bull has been taken away for the winter.
Winter pond

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23/365: Secret Keeper

There is an ancient legend that trees are secret keepers. I wonder how many secrets this one has.
Secret keeper

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22/365: Another Sunrise

I do not ever get tired of the sunrise. It gives me hope and strength.
Another sunrise

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21/365: Chinking

I was invited to the Exchange Place in Kingsport to do a presentation of my work. I had never been there and the seventeenth century log cabin construction was so beautiful. The old wood and the chinking are incredible.

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20/365: Happy Anniversary!!

Our dear dear friends gave us these beautiful jars of vegetables from their garden, each with a beautifully tied Bow, for our Anniversary Present.
It deserved a photo.
The hassock is waiting to be resurrected it is quite old. It is an object of memory. The hassock and the canned goods on the hearth together all represent family

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19/365: Finished!

I had to commemorate this day. I began this piece in Summer of 2012 just before my father passed away. It was to be for him. It has taken me three years to finish. It has been a block in my work and now that it is finished I am able to move on. I am very pleased with the outcome.

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18/365: Sky: the One Shot…

My brother’s wise advice is that the one photo you take might be the only one….this was out through the wind shield, and the first sunny day in a week. Now you all can ride down the Tennessee Highway with me.

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17/365: Beech Tree

This is my new friend the beech tree. I am behind in uploading my photos…school started this week! I try to walk at least 6 days a week and found this on my walk on Jan 16, the day I posted the bark photo.

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16/365: Old Beech Trunk

I love the form in this rotting wood as it returns to the earth


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15/365: Yes it really was this color

I know this is blurry. But the color was so amazing at sunrise I had to post it.
It subsequently was fog and rain all day.

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14/365: there are miracles in the small things

Today on my walk there were so many tiny miracles everywhere. Every juxtaposition of color, of texture, of light is a beautiful tapestry that is ever changing.

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13/365: Rubber Snake on a Chain

We have rubber snakes on the chains of the lawn swing in hope that they will keep the birds from landing there and doing what birds do.
Rubber snake

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12/365: Mist on the Mountains

I love the way this defines the shapes of the mountains I always call these mountains the folded hills

Mist on the Mountains

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11/365: Six Pods

These are pods that are hanging on for next years fertilizing they will become bright magenta hibiscus flowers
Six pods

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10/365: Image


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9/365: What Happens When a House is Dismantled

Humans leave detritus. What will an archaeologist find in 5000 years?
As an aside, I discovered the reflection in the window afterwards.

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8/365: Magenta Hills

The mountains really are this color sometimes. When we first moved to Tennessee I used to call it the impossible colors.
Magenta hills

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7/365: Incoming Snowstorm

It never ceases to amaze me how you can see the weather change over the distant mountains. The sun was shining so brightly in one part of the sky, but there was a snowstorm in the distance.
Incoming snowstorm

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6/365: sunrise

Sometimes when I step out the side door the sunrise takes my breath away.

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5/365: temp still life

Cold afternoon. We have all sorts of strange stuff hanging all around. The metal is cold and the wall is cold and the light is cold.
Temp Still Life

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4/365: Road to where?

There was an abandoned school bus at the end of this gravel road. I could imagine all kinds of stories for this image.
Road to where

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3/365: It’s going to rain.

Such strange warm weather.
Going to rain

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2/365: Watery Christmas Lights

Tomorrow the lights come down. Fog is covering the world and a few droplets of dew hang onto the bulbs
Watery Lights

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1/365: Journey’s beginning

My brother invited me to try this again. I love project 365. I hope a day at a time I can complete the challenge this year. The river symbolized the flow of time.

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