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Jimmy with my work at the Luxor Las Vegas

Thanks Laurie for having jimmy photograph !!Jimmy in the Luxor Lobby

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My work at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

Its a little off from the color. A kind friend took these on her cell phone. But you can get the idea of the size, scale and impact of these pieces.

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Menninger Chapel Installation

finally have a picture of the installation at Menninger Chapel

Menninger Chapel

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Major Commission

I just received a major commission for three pieces to go in Las Vegas hotel.
I thought I was out from under!!!

Packing up the Luxor piece


This is one of three in a permanent installation at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas.It is nine feet square.

I need a friend to go take a picture!


Luxor piece

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Fine-tuning the Luxor installation

Dan leaves for Las Vegas today to fine tune the Luxor installation. I cant wait to post pictures.


Working on a new commission for Skyline Art Services.


My latest commission “Footprints” in memory of the greyhounds who were not rescued. Done for a woman who rescues them.


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Finishing Tracks


the greyhounds feet clay impressionsclose upthe dimensionsfiguring out the patterndesigning the clampsleft frontfront outyleft backthe drawing of the paw mockup . it looks a little different now figuring out colorcolorsmore pictures pretty much the arrangement green on orangedetail

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Integration installed

in Jamaica, Vermont, in a beautiful handbuilt house

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Taming the Forest

The piece as installed last year. Still need to get a good photo taken.

This is in Pilesgrove, New Jersey, at my friend Denise’s home. She owns a wonderful horsefarm and breeds show horses and gets them trained, and boards them.


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