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Jacquard: Squam

These are some Jacquard fabrics that were created from photographs of Great Island in the early morning. First I photographed, then painted and drew.  I scanned the drawings into the computer and then created six end satin weaves from this.  It is an end on end warp and at that time, at Rhode Island School of Design, the loom was new and Phil, the operator, would allow us to bring as many yarns as we wanted so I had twelve weave structures to play with and unlimited yarn mixing.  It is an end on end black white upholstery warp and it is a 27 inch repeat, so will work for upholstery.

More of my Jacquard collections can be found here.

Squam Night DetailSquam NightSquam Night DetailSquam

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Repurposed at the IN(Finito) Faculty show

Shots from Slocumb Galleries IN(Finito) Faculty show album.

RepurposedPerformance piece by Scott Koterbay: "Advice"RepurposedRepurposed

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Solo Exhibit at the Customs House

May-July 2016 I will create a solo exhibit from the concept of Wetland Mitigation, at Customs House Museum, Clarksville, TN.

Evening Wetlands

Evening Wetlands

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The work at the William King Museum

William KIng William King

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William King Show

This is finally a better photo of two of the William king pieces

William King

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New work at William king museum

New work at William king museum Abington va. Opening Thursday December 6 6-8 pmHanging with curator Charlesey CharltonRepurposed


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Repurposed at the Best of Tennessee Craft Biennial

So this will be in the best of tennessee craft biennial. Now I need to make another one for the William King museum. I need to get back on my feet! I am losing touch with everyone!

Best of Tennessee

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Blue Plum Festival Exhibition

This is at the Tipton Gallery on Spring St in Johnson City TN. The gallery will be open from 1-5 today during the Blue Plum festival.

Tipton Gallery

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Repurposed at the Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design Gallery

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Repurposed exhibit is on view

Repurposed flyer

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Repurposed Opening

Repurposed Opening October 6 Curated by Cynthia Farnell. I will exhibit my current piece.


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Dry Pitcher in DC

Emily took these pictures of my Dry Pitcher on exhibit in DC.


Innovations in St Louis

I will be exhibiting Dry Pitcher in Fiber Focus during Innovations in St Louis this fall. I hope I can go and see all my Columbia and St Louis friends.

Pitcher Grows

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Extraordinary Things

Extraordinary Things Exhibit at Arts Institute Decatur April 15 Opening

Extraordinary Things

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Green: The Color and the Cause

This exhibit opens this weekend in Washington, Dc. I have a piece, Dry Pitcher, in it. If you are near the area, I wish you would go! I dont think I will be able to make it there.

GWU Textile Museum

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Opening Tonight



Its at the Nelson Fine arts Center in Johnson City tn part of first friday. Earth Fare is doing the food.


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Exhibition at Nelson Fine Arts opening this Friday, First Friday! Be there!


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Spirited Calligraphy Symposium


Spirited Calligraphy

Video of the symposium.

Sogen Hirano, Spirited Calligraphy, 10/8/2010

A video of artist Sogen Hirano doing his kimono calligraphy. This is a longer video, covering from start to finish of this piece.

Posted by Kim Reimann on Saturday, October 9, 2010

Here is a video of Michiko, in the live calligraphy performance

Michiko Hamasaki, Spirited Calligraphy, 10/8/2010

A video of artist Michiko Hamasaki at work on her amazing "yume" character. We all got to add to this work of art when she was done.

Posted by Kim Reimann on Saturday, October 9, 2010

And last but not least, the master Tsai Yu-Lung

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Spirited Calligraphy

Spirited Calligraphy. I will be exhibiting two works in this exhibition.


Nature’s Calligraphy

deliver the work to Northeast State for exhibition today

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New Fibers 2010!

I will display Holston Cat Tail.

Holston Cattail

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Fiber: TwentyTen

On Exhibition:


Fiber: TwentyTen
April 2-May 14, 2010
Kay Khan, Juror

Fiber: TwentyTen is an exhibition celebrating contemporary fiber art that will open at MoFA’s 2010 Conference in St. Charles, MO. This juried exhibition is co-sponsored by Missouri Fiber Artists and The Foundry Art Centre. The Foundry Art Centre, a dynamic, interactive interdisciplinary arts center, is dedicated to the creation and presentation of contemporary visual and performing arts. The conclusion of the Nest silent auction will also be held during the opening night of the conference.


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Art work

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