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19/365: Finished!

I had to commemorate this day. I began this piece in Summer of 2012 just before my father passed away. It was to be for him. It has taken me three years to finish. It has been a block in my work and now that it is finished I am able to move on. I am very pleased with the outcome.

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Brooklyn Botanic Garden Exhibition Is Knitted With Scientific Accuracy

In one of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s conservatories, flowers that have more in common with cable-knit sweaters than the surrounding flora have been on display for the last few months.

“Knit, Purl, Sow” Features Knitted Floral- and Plant-Inspired Works

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2: Boro stitches for an old army blanket


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Repurposed at the IN(Finito) Faculty show

Shots from Slocumb Galleries IN(Finito) Faculty show album.

RepurposedPerformance piece by Scott Koterbay: "Advice"RepurposedRepurposed

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Ki-mono Reconstruction

I am very fond of boro.  The month my father died, I was studying with Yoshiko Wada, in a workshop with an intense focus on boro textiles, history, philosophy and technique.  Slowly, this sensibility is beginning to creep back into my work; and oddly enough, conceptually, seeds of ideas, past fits and starts, and half made projects along with others that are in need of mending all begin to come into play.  The concept of value and sustainability together and the inherent beauty of each stitch.

Boro textiles were made in the late 19th and early 20th century by impoverished Japanese people from reused and recycled indigo-dyed, cotton rags. What we see in these examples are typical—patched and sewn, piece-by-piece, and handed down from generation-to-generation, where the tradition continued. These textiles are generational storybooks, lovingly repaired and patched with what fabric was available. Never intended to be viewed as a thing of beauty, these textiles today take on qualities of collage, objects of history, and objects with life and soul.

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Elin Noble

Elin Noble Textiles Tonight was the preview opening. This is a photograph of me finishing up the installation Vox Stellarum. Opening reception is Sunday, February 24 from 2-5 pm The exhibition is up through April 28. Hope to see many of you. http://www.newbedfordartmuseum.org/index.html

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Arte Textil Contemporáneo

Got from Slow Cloth…beautiful.

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Fruits of the Loom: The nearly lost art of textile manufacturing.

Article and slideshow from this weekend’s From the New York Times Magazine.

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A quiet presence.

Knitting Relay FOTO fonte web: Knitted art

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Thinking about grasses

Its always such a whoosh when I finish a major work. I am thinking about grasses now. New research to begin.

I am thinking of grass as one of the oldest semi complex plant forms. It will exist after we are all gone. And existed before, also.

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New work at William king museum

New work at William king museum Abington va. Opening Thursday December 6 6-8 pmHanging with curator Charlesey CharltonRepurposed


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Finish this piece today hanging Monday

We are hanging the show at William King Museum tomorrow. I still dont know when the opening is.


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View from top of the left half

View from top left half

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One stitch at a time

One stitch at a time

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My work at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

Its a little off from the color. A kind friend took these on her cell phone. But you can get the idea of the size, scale and impact of these pieces.

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Getting back to work

getting back to work slowlyRocking the back brace
I had a great prognosis this morning. New bone is growing the way it should. Six more weeks in the brace all on track. Up to two miles a day up and Down hills. Never thought I would be grateful to be able to wash dishes.
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It would progress faster if I could sit longer


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Working on the William King piece

It will be 72 h and 56 wide when it goes into William king museum

Now it is twelve h x 6 w

William King repurpose

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Menninger Chapel Installation

finally have a picture of the installation at Menninger Chapel

Menninger Chapel

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As time passes…

The initial piece is around two by three inches. Yesterday’s grew to about a foot long. Today… We will see…

As time passes

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It begins here

It begins here

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Textile Forum Article

I used to be so inspired by Textilforum when I was at RISD as a graduate student. Now, here I am, published there. Now I can be an inspiration to students. What a gift. Textile Forum Quarter 2 2012: Resist Dyeing II


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Repurposed at the Best of Tennessee Craft Biennial

So this will be in the best of tennessee craft biennial. Now I need to make another one for the William King museum. I need to get back on my feet! I am losing touch with everyone!

Best of Tennessee

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Blue Plum Festival Exhibition

This is at the Tipton Gallery on Spring St in Johnson City TN. The gallery will be open from 1-5 today during the Blue Plum festival.

Tipton Gallery

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Come to Peters Valley in June to Create Patterns on Wool and Silk with Acid Dyes


Create Patterns on Wool & Silk with Acid Dyes

Date: June 22 – 26, 2012 (5 Days)

Instructor: Carol LeBaron

Level: Beginner and Beyond

Class Description: Come create patterns with both surface and immersion techniques on wool and silk. Beginners will learn the fundamentals of dyeing and printing protein fibers, while advanced students will have a chance to push the boundaries of the medium  We will work with purchased wool fabric, wool fiber, silks and found fabrics from your stash, and, if possible, simple open plain weave fabrics that you may prepare ahead if you are a weaver. You will leave with simple finished piece or a bag full of beautiful sample explorations. Some experience helpful but not required; advanced/returning students can explore all techniques further.

More info

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Getting there with the Luxor piece

Luxor Piece

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My outdoor studio

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Repurposed at the Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design Gallery

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12 of 12 for October 2011

twelve and twelve for October. My family was up at Squam and I was here in Stony Creek. So 900 miles apart twelve and twelve!

Barb and Dot head out for a kayakOn the Dock—with InvictusBuckets for the Dye Project  Outdoor Studio Stove setup Abstraction Experiments Dog Paw Pieces for the greyhound auction Elbow Socks Elbow Socks I love my dad and my sisters Out the end of Center Harbor Neck. Sure wish I was there. My mother took all these pictures for me. So my spirit was there.

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Repurposed exhibit is on view

Repurposed flyer

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Finishing Repurposed

Built this box out of an old tobacco basket. It will hold the pieces and be on the gallery floor.  Detail of the piece on the table finishing Another detail here you see the corner of the jacquard. It was a photo of trash thrown down the side of Holston Mt detail Time Reflection:name of the piece  The tail is going down into the box This shows the bottom of the piece going into the box This shows the bottom of the piece going into the box A better view of the box from above The studio as I finished. More (six) small versions to come next, going to the gallery at Appalacian Cter for Craft. I like it. It is the first of a series. I hae wanted to do this for a long time. It is all stitched front and back. The first successful integration of the jacquard, too.

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I did decide to include a little bit of jacquard into the repurposed piece.

Jacquard in Repurposed

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A week to finish this piece.


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Thinking about little pieces

I am reflecting on the difference between conscious and intermittent thought patterns. I thought I was just going to be able to put the small pieces of fabric together and it would turn into this amalgamated piece. But its impossible, even with the tiniest bits, not to look at the color.

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Repurposed Opening

Repurposed Opening October 6 Curated by Cynthia Farnell. I will exhibit my current piece.


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Learning about blogging

Learning about blogging. It seems a little complicated. I have found some wonderful blogs and wonder how to get all the links on them.

From Carol LeBaron Studio

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Repurpose project in progress

This is the felted wool I use in my art work, some is repurposed blankets and clothes to begin with, and now, double repurposed as being leftovers made into a new piece. Its for a repurposed art exhibit in Atlanta this fall. I have been saving these bits for years and have had this idea for a long time. This is the sewing and pinning process I use for all my pieces, even the ones that are fourteen feet high.


the joys in the work, is finally coming

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Canning Dyes

We had such fun canning dyes.


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Packing up the Luxor piece


This is one of three in a permanent installation at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas.It is nine feet square.

I need a friend to go take a picture!


Luxor piece

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Canning Jar Dyeing Workshop!

Canning jar dye at Peters Valley, dye yarn, roving, felt, or small shibori pieces, learn a simple easy way to work at home! A scarf in a jar! June 10-12

Canning Jars

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falling leaves blanket

Falling Leaves Blanket

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Ok this is the one that was in the paper, so, appropriate for a public venue haha

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12 of 12 for March 2011

I have been sketching my daily sketch. When I start the morning this way, all the day falls into place. Went for a morning walk to walk the dog. The view from the mountainside We think this was a wingbark elm tree the first irises in the woods I went to lunch with a new friend, 86 years old, in this Natahala this restaurant looked out at the kayakers the antique kayak paddle display this kayaker had the most interesting tiny little kayak and his hands were his paddles with little hand paddles I dont know what these little kayaks are called. The lily pad piece for Nancy Allen is finally taking shape. the final composition the last vestiges of sun on the peaks behind Sunset over the mountain

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Opening Tonight



Its at the Nelson Fine arts Center in Johnson City tn part of first friday. Earth Fare is doing the food.


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Thinking of a title…

So it turns out I have a solo exhibition in Johnson City in MARCH. haha. suddenly I have to be ready its almost March. Thinking of a title….. I think I will call it Habitats. (The exhibit, I mean, this piece is Evening Wetlands, so the habitat, is an evening wetland)

Evening Wetlands


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Study with Carol LeBaron at Appalachian Center for Craft July 2011


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12 of 12 for November 2010

Before dawn, at five, up for the day. Practicing making the bed when I get up. Here is my room in Atlanta. On my way to class field trip for the afternoon, around two pm. This is the kind of contrast I see as I drive away from my house.During breakfast, Junco is looking at her weave sample. I will help her make the files today. Turning the corner into Midtown, around a quarter of a mile away. Proof that it is really seventy degrees here, sitting in traffic, which is the norm if you go anywhere in Atlanta Proof that it is really seventy degrees here, sitting in traffic, which is the norm if you go anywhere in Atlanta So I couldnt resist a little story, about what it is like driviing here. As you can see from his bumper, the gentleman in the car before me has had altercations before. He was too impatient to wait for the car in front of him, which turned. He made his quick move to nowhere. And to my right, it is clear which direction everyone is going. There is a lot of cars sitting idling all the time in Atlanta. Today, mine was included. I try to avoid driving when I will be sitting idling, adding to the carbon.To my left, the river of traffic on I 85 below the bridge Here we are in front of the Contemporary to visit an artist. Three students showed up...oh well! They got the benefit! A bridge to nowhere. Notice the train running beneath it. The bridge just sits up there, no road attached to it. There are a lot of contrasts in color and texture in the city scape if you look for it. Sadly, the razor ribbon is necessary. Speak to our future? In the evening, Junco and I dressed up to go to her art opening. This ended our day It was a very good opening.

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June 12 of 12

The June 12 of 12 theme is the collapsed relativity of time. My guises, thoughts and perambulations

Mom and dad continue their intellectual voyagesa hand made imitation of a dugout canoe by American(probably Algonquin)materials from the old outhouse will be incorporated into the walk waydan is deep in thought and measurementsLow tech and high results. What you can do with a fifty dollar electric chain saw!the inspiration wall for the lily pads to remind me for this summers dyeingand the dog paws to stitchtracks left behind from rescued greyhoundssoon to be shaped and stitchedwhen it rains on the lake it is time for introspectionand Emily is busy working at her new grad school program. how time does flyhard to believe Reilley is three now, and I will see him day after tomorrowthe home place the day before I left, I hear it is a drought and 100 degrees there now


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My Studio

My Studio

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New Fibers 2010!

I will display Holston Cat Tail.

Holston Cattail

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I am having fun posting pictures from my week vacation.

Here is my outdoor setup where I was dyeing


And here is the work on the table inside my studio

Work in progress

I also moved a lot of wood!!! Excellent weight bearing exercise for my bones


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This is the first of the three for Nashville Airport…

all rolled up, composed, pinned and in my bag for vacation sewing! Lots of dyeing
happened this week.

First of three

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Art work

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