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I am having fun posting pictures from my week vacation.

Here is my outdoor setup where I was dyeing


And here is the work on the table inside my studio

Work in progress

I also moved a lot of wood!!! Excellent weight bearing exercise for my bones


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This is the first of the three for Nashville Airport…

all rolled up, composed, pinned and in my bag for vacation sewing! Lots of dyeing
happened this week.

First of three

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the calligraphy piece(one of them)

22 x 30. this is one of four each slightly different


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Its another morning,

the beginning of my ten day retreat, is what I will call it. I am going to choose two of the days for absolute silent meditation and art work. I will let you all know when that is! because it will include no internet. I hope to get very far on the arts in the airport pieces. All the historic textile research papers will be graded too.

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Dry Pitchers

Image size is 72 inches h x 56 inches wide. This is part of my new jacquard series.

Dry Pitchers

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It’s a crisp sunny day

and I am getting ready to head back to Atlanta. One week of teaching then ten days in studio. I plan to go underwater and work

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Views at the Hill

Here is a picture of the red barn at the bottom of the hill by my house,  as seen from the road I walk on to my studio. My studio is past this, turn a corner onto the road below, and walk back to just below my house at the bottom of the hill.  Because of this, every time I walk from the house to the studio there are new things to see and new things that enter the work.  I have found, over the years, that I am deeply rooted in time and place. I can work in any place; but whatever that place is, it becomes embedded in the visual syntax.

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Photos of the ice storm December 2008

There was an ice storm in Goshen in the winter of 2008.  It is hard to imagine it was this long ago.  There was so much ice and snow; we were visiting New England over Christmas. We were stranded with good friends, plenty of food, no elecricity or water for over a week. 

I took so many pictures.  The light in the ice was an infinite maze of line and form.   am fascinated by the close up view, the way soft forms are encased in the ice, wish I could learn to manipulate glass and recreate it. It was like being in a crystal palace.

December 2008 Ice Storm 

Turkey Feathers Encased.jpgIce covered pods.jpgCrystal Seeds.jpg4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg8.jpg

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Art work

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