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Study with Carol LeBaron at Appalachian Center for Craft July 2011


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Final Digital Textiles Critique


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Birthday Twelve of Twelve December 12

I began my December Twelve Birthday in front of the fireplace, painting the wood pile I can see a snow storm is brewing looking out the front door. We are hunkered down. Just a little melted snow from the last storm in the side yard. The rain came first you can see the clouds behind our new house we will be renting We went up to check the water pipes and this is how it looks from up there I like the yard of the new house and feeling close to the storm clouds. We went to the wood pile at the shop and loaded up the truck. Plenty of wood to keep warm! this is what I was drawing. Snow began around midday. This is the back yard from the back porch.10.jpgEarly evening but it is dark with the beginning powdering of snow. Dan cooked us Steaks for my birthday dinner in front of the fireplace on the little grill.

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Leaf blanket on the loom

Leaf blanket

Leaf blanket

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Tabletop Jacquard Loom

who wants one


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106 on the hill

This is the house across the street. We are moving here and I hope to turn the other one into a studio. The landlord really wanted us to move into this one because he wanted someone who would take care of it.

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The Oriole Mill


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12 of 12 for November 2010

Before dawn, at five, up for the day. Practicing making the bed when I get up. Here is my room in Atlanta. On my way to class field trip for the afternoon, around two pm. This is the kind of contrast I see as I drive away from my house.During breakfast, Junco is looking at her weave sample. I will help her make the files today. Turning the corner into Midtown, around a quarter of a mile away. Proof that it is really seventy degrees here, sitting in traffic, which is the norm if you go anywhere in Atlanta Proof that it is really seventy degrees here, sitting in traffic, which is the norm if you go anywhere in Atlanta So I couldnt resist a little story, about what it is like driviing here. As you can see from his bumper, the gentleman in the car before me has had altercations before. He was too impatient to wait for the car in front of him, which turned. He made his quick move to nowhere. And to my right, it is clear which direction everyone is going. There is a lot of cars sitting idling all the time in Atlanta. Today, mine was included. I try to avoid driving when I will be sitting idling, adding to the carbon.To my left, the river of traffic on I 85 below the bridge Here we are in front of the Contemporary to visit an artist. Three students showed up...oh well! They got the benefit! A bridge to nowhere. Notice the train running beneath it. The bridge just sits up there, no road attached to it. There are a lot of contrasts in color and texture in the city scape if you look for it. Sadly, the razor ribbon is necessary. Speak to our future? In the evening, Junco and I dressed up to go to her art opening. This ended our day It was a very good opening.

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found this pic of my dad from my brother, perfect for my mood tonight.

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Special day

Watching the sun rise on a very, very special day. Love in my heart for everyone in my life. Grateful to be alive, I am at the Jacquard Center, getting ready to weave throws. Life is a gift.

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I am so excited I picked up the first student test files from the Mill yesterday.

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12 of 12 for October 2010

I shot my twelve of twelve yesterday, and saw my brother’s just now before posting. It is almost frightening how alike we are. I shot it all with the Photo Booth on my laptop.

At seven am, Here I am early in the morning, deep in thought. After the faculty meeting, I went to Yoga. Standing poses today. Then home for lunch between activities.  I had a chicken salad sandwich for lunch.  Then upstairs to work on the letter some more.  out the door. Took a second to look at the Atlanta version of fall foliage.  Next stop the gym.  Then to hide in the slide library  And after the meeting, I got to go have dinner with a friend.

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Spirited Calligraphy Symposium


Spirited Calligraphy

Video of the symposium.

Sogen Hirano, Spirited Calligraphy, 10/8/2010

A video of artist Sogen Hirano doing his kimono calligraphy. This is a longer video, covering from start to finish of this piece.

Posted by Kim Reimann on Saturday, October 9, 2010

Here is a video of Michiko, in the live calligraphy performance

Michiko Hamasaki, Spirited Calligraphy, 10/8/2010

A video of artist Michiko Hamasaki at work on her amazing "yume" character. We all got to add to this work of art when she was done.

Posted by Kim Reimann on Saturday, October 9, 2010

And last but not least, the master Tsai Yu-Lung

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My latest commission “Footprints” in memory of the greyhounds who were not rescued. Done for a woman who rescues them.


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Spirited Calligraphy

Spirited Calligraphy. I will be exhibiting two works in this exhibition.


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Nature’s Calligraphy

deliver the work to Northeast State for exhibition today

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Finishing Tracks


the greyhounds feet clay impressionsclose upthe dimensionsfiguring out the patterndesigning the clampsleft frontfront outyleft backthe drawing of the paw mockup . it looks a little different now figuring out colorcolorsmore pictures pretty much the arrangement green on orangedetail

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12 of 12: A breathless morning in August

Twelve of Twelve. A breathless morning in August for August twelfth. Work to be done, work in progress, the work of living, things growing, close to the earth

This mushroom is six inches across Wood waits to be cut and split Stacked and drying, ready to go into the cellar The lush growth down in the holler. Things grow when you turn around Black walnut dye has fermented for two years A writing spider built a web on the clothesline Tomatoes ripening Zucchini tiny and growing Laundry waiting to be hung The corn is taller than Nora's head crabapple graft is ripe for apple jelly The Panzer and the lawn tractor waiting to do their jobs

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Teaching a workshop at John C Campbell in January! Come one, come all

John C. Campbell Folk School Classic Scene


Dyeing, Felt Making
January 9-15, 2011
Advanced Week

Instructor: Carol LeBaron
Tuition: $596.00
Explore resist techniques on wool and silk using acid dyes, combined with fabric collage. Learn the fundamentals of dyeing and printing protein fibers, which adapt well to shaping. Sample the textural effects of laminated felt and felt resist. Also dye wool roving and yarn for beautiful spinning, weaving, or knitting projects. Depart with a simple, finished piece or many interesting samples. For practicing fiber artists; dye experience helpful, not essential.

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Want to visit this place next year

Vermonst Surface Design

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Integration installed

in Jamaica, Vermont, in a beautiful handbuilt house

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Taming the Forest

The piece as installed last year. Still need to get a good photo taken.

This is in Pilesgrove, New Jersey, at my friend Denise’s home. She owns a wonderful horsefarm and breeds show horses and gets them trained, and boards them.


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My brother is so eloquent with this Squam description. Twelve and twelve for July indeed.



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I never posted the storm.

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Squam Sunset

The sunset at Squam as a metaphor for the sun going down as my departure from my beloved lake. But it is in my heart and spirit until I return.


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At Peters Valley

At Peters Valley, its as beautiful as I remember it.

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Virtual Connections Quilt

My Piece in the Virtual Connections Quilt: Random Nodes, Left Over Thought

The Virtual Connections quilt is currently in progress. We have received 83 squares to date, from talented artists, curators and art lovers who range from seven countries so far - and we are hoping to exhibit the completed quilt internationally. We have one venue in Montreal so far, and are looking for more places to exhibit the final work of art......any suggestions are welcome!!!

The Virtual Connections quilt is currently in progress. We have received 83 squares to date, from talented artists, curators and art lovers who range from seven countries so far – and we are hoping to exhibit the completed quilt internationally. We have one venue in Montreal so far, and are looking for more places to exhibit the final work of art……any suggestions are welcome!!!

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June 12 of 12

The June 12 of 12 theme is the collapsed relativity of time. My guises, thoughts and perambulations

Mom and dad continue their intellectual voyagesa hand made imitation of a dugout canoe by American(probably Algonquin)materials from the old outhouse will be incorporated into the walk waydan is deep in thought and measurementsLow tech and high results. What you can do with a fifty dollar electric chain saw!the inspiration wall for the lily pads to remind me for this summers dyeingand the dog paws to stitchtracks left behind from rescued greyhoundssoon to be shaped and stitchedwhen it rains on the lake it is time for introspectionand Emily is busy working at her new grad school program. how time does flyhard to believe Reilley is three now, and I will see him day after tomorrowthe home place the day before I left, I hear it is a drought and 100 degrees there now


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Rain on the lake

Rain on the lake

In center harbor, at the Library. Spent my first night at squam last night. Peace, joy, serenity. As I walked into center harbor to do some work today, the carillon was playing a hymn in the square. All is well.

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“A work of art is an abstract or epitome of the world.”

Emerson Quote

“A work of art is an abstract or epitome of the world. It is the result
or expression of nature, in miniature. For although the works of nature
are innumerable and all different, the result or the expression of them
all is similar and single. Nature is a sea of forms radically alike
and even unique. A leaf, a sunbeam, a landscape, the ocean, make an
analogous impression on the mind. What is common to them all, that
perfectness and harmony, is beauty.”  —Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Fruitlands Museum

Yesterday, we visited Fruitlands Museum. What an interesting place. It was the experimental farm of Bronson Alcott.

Our family has always been in Mass and my mother visited with her book group last week, and liked it so much she brought my father and I yesterday. It was amazing, something for everyone. A museum full of Hudson River school paintings, an on site artist, the home of Bronson Alcott, a Shaker house, an Indian museum…amazing.


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Ice-covered Cattails

This was taken outside Troy, New York, during the Ice Storm last year. I am thinking of the way Nature’s creations are presented to us daily, each with a particular light and sensibility

Ice-covered Cattails


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I had to share this. My friend posted it for the thought for the day. I chose the photo to go with it.

“Happiness doesn’t exist on the far side of distant mountains. It is within you, yourself. Not you, however, sitting in idle passivity. It is to be found in the vibrant dynamism of your own life as you struggle to challenge and overcome one obstacle after another, as you clamber up a perilous ridge in pursuit of that which lies beyond.” —Daisaku Ikeda


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My Studio

My Studio

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New Fibers 2010!

I will display Holston Cat Tail.

Holston Cattail

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At my outdoor studio

Outdoor Studio

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Fiber: TwentyTen

On Exhibition:


Fiber: TwentyTen
April 2-May 14, 2010
Kay Khan, Juror

Fiber: TwentyTen is an exhibition celebrating contemporary fiber art that will open at MoFA’s 2010 Conference in St. Charles, MO. This juried exhibition is co-sponsored by Missouri Fiber Artists and The Foundry Art Centre. The Foundry Art Centre, a dynamic, interactive interdisciplinary arts center, is dedicated to the creation and presentation of contemporary visual and performing arts. The conclusion of the Nest silent auction will also be held during the opening night of the conference.


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