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Spirited Calligraphy

Spirited Calligraphy. I will be exhibiting two works in this exhibition.


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Nature’s Calligraphy

deliver the work to Northeast State for exhibition today

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Finishing Tracks


the greyhounds feet clay impressionsclose upthe dimensionsfiguring out the patterndesigning the clampsleft frontfront outyleft backthe drawing of the paw mockup . it looks a little different now figuring out colorcolorsmore pictures pretty much the arrangement green on orangedetail

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12 of 12: A breathless morning in August

Twelve of Twelve. A breathless morning in August for August twelfth. Work to be done, work in progress, the work of living, things growing, close to the earth

This mushroom is six inches across Wood waits to be cut and split Stacked and drying, ready to go into the cellar The lush growth down in the holler. Things grow when you turn around Black walnut dye has fermented for two years A writing spider built a web on the clothesline Tomatoes ripening Zucchini tiny and growing Laundry waiting to be hung The corn is taller than Nora's head crabapple graft is ripe for apple jelly The Panzer and the lawn tractor waiting to do their jobs

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Teaching a workshop at John C Campbell in January! Come one, come all

John C. Campbell Folk School Classic Scene


Dyeing, Felt Making
January 9-15, 2011
Advanced Week

Instructor: Carol LeBaron
Tuition: $596.00
Explore resist techniques on wool and silk using acid dyes, combined with fabric collage. Learn the fundamentals of dyeing and printing protein fibers, which adapt well to shaping. Sample the textural effects of laminated felt and felt resist. Also dye wool roving and yarn for beautiful spinning, weaving, or knitting projects. Depart with a simple, finished piece or many interesting samples. For practicing fiber artists; dye experience helpful, not essential.

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Want to visit this place next year

Vermonst Surface Design

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Integration installed

in Jamaica, Vermont, in a beautiful handbuilt house

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Taming the Forest

The piece as installed last year. Still need to get a good photo taken.

This is in Pilesgrove, New Jersey, at my friend Denise’s home. She owns a wonderful horsefarm and breeds show horses and gets them trained, and boards them.


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