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A sign?

I think I am being sent a sign from the universe. I just had a second inquiry on an unrelated art piece from another potential client; I always dreamed of just putting my art out into the world, I wonder if that time in my life is arriving.


I feel as if I am diviing into an unknown, uncharted water.


Watch out what you ask for, I guess…… will get it!


Getting used to the idea that I will be paid more for making art than for teaching it, at least for the moment.


I am wondering how to find out how to make a list of who can see what on my page.


ok I think i figured it out. Hope this cleans up my profile. I am launching on a campaign to put my professional foot forward, burying into studio, catching up school work, all this stuff……

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Major Commission

I just received a major commission for three pieces to go in Las Vegas hotel.
I thought I was out from under!!!

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Finishing Repurposed

Built this box out of an old tobacco basket. It will hold the pieces and be on the gallery floor.  Detail of the piece on the table finishing Another detail here you see the corner of the jacquard. It was a photo of trash thrown down the side of Holston Mt detail Time Reflection:name of the piece  The tail is going down into the box This shows the bottom of the piece going into the box This shows the bottom of the piece going into the box A better view of the box from above The studio as I finished. More (six) small versions to come next, going to the gallery at Appalacian Cter for Craft. I like it. It is the first of a series. I hae wanted to do this for a long time. It is all stitched front and back. The first successful integration of the jacquard, too.

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I did decide to include a little bit of jacquard into the repurposed piece.

Jacquard in Repurposed

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12 and 12 September 2011

The sun is just about to rise. I am going to take this photo through the day to show the changing light.Writing India and South Asian Art LectureTen Oclock, thats what its like outside while I am workingI went outside and visited the cow and her calf. She is having breakfast(the calf)Dan is finally back on his feet! and here he is, working.jpgOne Oclock, the light is coming straight from above us.jpgThree OclockTime to go work on my Repurposed piece. In the back you can see the size, six feet high by four feet wide marked out. I am sewing together all the little tiny scraps you see in the pile.No time for this! Five oclock, the light gets softer, you can see it shining on the mountains behind  Seven oclock, sun is almost down Moonrise

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The Meaningfulness of Lives

This popped up on my email today and I wanted to share it. I am going through a lot of changes this fall professionally and in my art work.

The Meaningfulness of Lives

God? Conviction? Passionate intensity? What are the qualities that make for a life that matters?

The meaning of life

A meaningful life is distinct from a happy life or a morally good one.

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A week to finish this piece.


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