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We might have a white Christmas

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Hay bales

Even though its into December, this verdant new growth is sprouting out of the hay bales.

Hay bales

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A quiet presence.

Knitting Relay FOTO fonte web: Knitted art

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William King Show

This is finally a better photo of two of the William king pieces

William King

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The twelfth day of the twelfth month of 2012 and my birth date

Life dormant within this tree against the early morning sky. I had a cup of coffee and looked at the day. Misty early morning Although we are overwhelmed with projects, we had time to put up a few lights. Joy to the world. Morning was working on grading in my library. I love my library its so snuggly. And full of books, paints, sketch materials, odds and ends, items. A reflection of the inside of my brain. I was so happy to finish making my new sketch journal today and I will be able to take it to New England. At around three, I went for a walk with Elbow. The sun is just setting behind my house. The second tree in from the left is the tree in the first picture. There is a duck swimming in this pond if you can see it. We walk up the left side of the pond and then up on top of the hill. I love the very top. We can see for miles. Elbow loves to run down the hill. Every tiny thing has such beauty in the world. Even though its into December, this verdant new growth is sprouting out of the hay bales. The evening light on top of the hill is amazing.

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When there are so many things to do, one thing at a time can work, if I can stick to it.

One thing at a time

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Thinking about grasses

Its always such a whoosh when I finish a major work. I am thinking about grasses now. New research to begin.

I am thinking of grass as one of the oldest semi complex plant forms. It will exist after we are all gone. And existed before, also.

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New work at William king museum

New work at William king museum Abington va. Opening Thursday December 6 6-8 pmHanging with curator Charlesey CharltonRepurposed


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Finish this piece today hanging Monday

We are hanging the show at William King Museum tomorrow. I still dont know when the opening is.


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