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Polly Apfelbaum: ‘A Handweaver’s Pattern Book’

What do you think?

Polly Apfelbaum: ‘A Handweaver’s Pattern Book’/h2>
Handweaver's Pattern Book

An installation view from “A Handweaver’s Pattern Book.” Credit Courtesy the artist and Andres Ramirez/Clifton Benevento, New York

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A moment to reflect.

When You’re Frustrated by a Delay: 8 Reasons to Appreciate It


“All great achievements require time.” ~Maya Angelou

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Titans playing ninepins

We are having a tornado warning. Sky is rumbling...we used to say Titans playing ninepins.....Clouds gathering

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Tiger Lilies

Can you see him? He was sipping the tiger lilies right outside the window

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Who we are


Delight in the children looking.  Michael and Emily would look at everything and when I watched them, I looked at the world with fresh eyes.  I always strive to retain this childlike wonder when I look at color and form.  Emily is deeply involved in the shape of the leaf.

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Danny in his element


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Blackberry picking.

Birdsong, insect song, silence.It is a thick tangle but sweet rewards. All over the hill behind studio; I wonder if I pull out the dead stuff after they all ripen if it will be easier next year. Of course, have to hope the guy doesn't brush hog it

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“I try to avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward.” ~Charlotte Bronte

Looking upward

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“Every single moment of a person’s life, both of the understanding and of the will, is a new beginning.” — Emanuel Swedenborg


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8 Ancient Beliefs Now Backed By Modern Science

I believe that the spirit has an innate sense and will naturally follow the good as a tiger lily seeks the sun

Ancient Beliefs

The Earth may not be flat nor is it the center of the universe, but that doesn’t mean old-world intellectuals got everything wrong. In fact, in recent years, modern science has validated a number of teachings and beliefs rooted in ancient wisdom that, up until now, had been trusted but unproven empirically.
Here are eight ancient beliefs and practices that have been confirmed by modern science.

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Tiger Lilies

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Heron Cove.

My childhood refuge and still is. Memory to carry me through the next months.

Heron Cove

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An example of human created ecosystem by accident. Is it an accident?

These sundew plants are growing on an old dock in the very end of dog cove. An example of human created ecosystem by accident. Is it an accident? Or are we less than we think they are, part of the planet as worms and snails are?

Meat-Eating Plants Getting “Full” On Pollution

Carnivorous plants in nitrogen-rich bogs eat fewer bugs, new study says.

A dead mosquito rests on a roundleaf sundew plant. PHOTOGRAPH BY JOEL SARTORE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

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Light Perspective

There is something different about the sky when the light is fading in early summer over the ocean.  Sky and water meet. Broken fences soon to be lost under the shifting sands… late June sunset, serenity.Beach sunset

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Hiking Lafayette

Me on Lafayette

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Squam Sunset


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