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I love the use of useless objects for new uses.

We have one of those sink things that only screws into the sink so you have to use the drain piece that goes with it. The little nut on that broke yesterday so rather than buying a whole new piece Danny fixed this by using an old key that didn’t open anything. I love the use of useless objects for new uses. We keep everything and this is an example of why. Now it is like a little handle.
Key drain

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It is going to be hot today. The sun is visibly burning away the morning mists

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The Snake

I am pretty sure this is a copperhead. I was getting ready to do some dyeing and all my stove parts were piled on the stones. He struck at me Yikes! I ran. Hard to get a good picture with a phone from a distance…I am not sure how to get rid of him, so stopped my project. In the last photo you can just see him going underneath the little round thing. There is only one picture of the whole snake and his head was moving but I am fairly certain there were venom pockets.

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I am thinking of posting a series of enigrammatic covers on FaceBook.

Peeling Paint

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Mountain green


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On my walk

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Morning fog


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The lawn was long

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Wind power.

Wind power

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My father noticed the detail in all the small things.

He is with us when we notice them too and with every kind and loving word to family. Love you, Dad

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The hibiscus are so rich this year

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Emily dyeing at Peters Valley School of Craft

Emily at Penland

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“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.” —Ernest Hemingway

Strong at the broken places

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I finally felt as if my eyes were opening on my walk yesterday.

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So What If It’s Ugly? It Just Keeps On Going …


It is the last remaining plant in its genus, the last in its family, the last in its order. “No other organism on earth can lay such a claim to being ‘one of its kind,’ ” writes biologist Richard Fortey.

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Nature has its own ways of displaying colour, and it does so with abandon; colours in their natural state are wild, uninhibited, free. They shift and vary, they grow and recede—always dynamic, always unpredictable. Colours like to mix it up, and they don’t sit still. These tendencies are inspiring, but not always practical—at least not from the standpoint of humankind. Let’s be honest: there are times when we need to contain colour, to isolate and dissect it.

Some of the colour charts that were used as inspiration and reference for the design of issue #22.

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Having fun splitting a stump while I wait for the dye pot

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A year ago I got on a plane to talk to Dad for the last time.

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