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Winter berries


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Tennessee landscape

Yesterday we went visiting for the first time on Thanksgiving; we went to three Thanksgiving dinners and oddly enough we arrived exactly at dinner time on each one. I posted some pictures below the landscape we drove through. An interesting and fun day. Many various incarnations of turkey; roasted, hickory smoked outdoors, deep fried…….oh and none of these were the places we actually visited, they are random shots of terrain. I wonder the story on the refrigerator house.

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My good friend posted this picture of her scarf done in wool jersey.

Stretchy Wool

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A dust of snow


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In the course of creating a design class for the Spring I discovered this. Enjoy, everyone.

Animated Music Video for Bonobo by Cyriak Using Repurposed 1960s Stock Footage

Cyriak uses mid 20th-century stock video as building blocks to create machines, robots, and other bizarre tableaus reminiscent of Terry Gilliam-esque zoetropes.

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Yay ready to sew the two halves together of this piece begun July 2012 has taken 2 Years to finish.


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Frost and the leaves falling softly

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I have always deeply believed that truth is revealed through beauty and that the pain of experiencing beauty is the same as the agony of the blackness.

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All things change and yet stay the same…..


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I love the place where we vote

I love the place where we vote

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No power today or tomorrow they don’t know how long up here on Stoney Creek

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