About Me

I love to spend time in my studio

My Story

My story is a classic Mad Scientist invention story.   

23 years ago as a graduate student in the dye lab I fought to control color and form.

I filled the laboratory with huge pots full  wool, a material with a mind of its own.

During that process I was injured  from lifting heavy pots of boiling wool and dye.  I had to  get surgery right before my thesis museum show. I was told I could not lift anything at all. 

My signature method emerged from this adversity–a method that I have honed and perfected for 23 years.

Now I not only have art work displayed in public and private spaces all over the world, but I also have  an endless fountain of creative ideas.

My Process

I use a resist dye process derived from Itajime, an ancient Japanese resistprocess involving bound board clamps. 

In the traditional process, geometric shapes are combined with folding.

In my process, the boards are shaped and carved. This one is a cattail.

My Workshops

I am lucky to spend a lot of time on my work.  I am working on a new artwork group currently.

I do love to share my process and techniques. I lead online workshops and workshops at craft schools and my studio, and I do work with artists one on one.

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More About Carol

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