I create textile art for any setting, from intimate homes and small healing spaces to  churches, hotels, hospitals, and corporate spaces. 

My hand created dyed wool and my digitally woven jacquard work have been exhibited both nationally and internationally. 

Clamp Resist

My “clamp resist” technique is an adaptation of an ancient Japanese technique called itajime, or board clamp resist. 

Each piece is created from white wool that is cut, individually dyed, and hand-stitched together. Often there are many dye baths for each individual piece.


Jacquard is a computer based weaving. The color is created through weave structures. These are all done in tapestry weave.

I take photographs, import them into Photoshop, manipulate them, and then bring them into a computer weave program. 

These pieces were woven at the Oriole Mill in North Carolina.

Commissioned Work

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