Creative Color

Orange color creativity inspiration

I have not written for quite a while.  At the beginning of 2021, I was publishing on Medium.  I still plan to keep that up.  But, I need to figure out where my time is best spent. Right  now, I am focused on working with color.  It’s so exciting that I want to share my […]

Jacquard Textiles – Early MornSquam

This Jacquard fabrics was created from photographs of Great Island at Squam Lake in New Hampshirite in the early morning. First I photographed, then painted and drew.  I scanned the drawings into the computer and then created six end satin weaves from this.  It is an end on end warp and at that time, at […]

Time Scheduling Being in the World on a Spring Day

The water droplets  on this iris bud appeared at 5:30 last night.  I am certain that this bud existed precisely as this photo captured it for less time than it takes me to write this sentence.  There are so many things in the world.  In order to find my path, I need to schedule time […]

Turtle Shell Symbolism

I  found this turtle shell sitting right on the tip of the hill waiting for me on a summer walk. Upon researching,  found turtle shells can signify protection, renewal and the old and wise, slow and steady. Thank you, Turtle.

Lichen color Wet Bark

It is rainy and snow just about gone. The world is brown and grey. Yet the subtleties of color in this bark stand out.

For Dad Finished

I had to commemorate this day. I began this piece in Summer of 2012 just before my father passed away. It was to be for him. It has taken me three years to finish. It has been a block in my work and now that it is finished I am able to move on. I […]

The endless Cycle

So it seems to me that life is an endless cycle. Even the name on the bucket, bright start. All resources are renewable including creative energy

The Snake

I am pretty sure this is a copperhead. I was getting ready to do some dyeing and all my stove parts were piled on the stones. He struck at me Yikes! I ran. Hard to get a good picture with a phone from a distance…I am not sure how to get rid of him, so […]

4: Pillow by Kenneth

When my son was in elementary school he sewed the small pillow in the center of this composition for me for Mother’s Day . The sunlight on it this morning struck me with such a memory of him when he was small

I am teaching myself to hand stitch silk.

It is a slow process for me. The wool is much more forgiving. But I like the look of the line of the handstitched better it seems like the sewing machine just destroys this delicate fabric. The stitch scarves are inspired by Boro. much of it is repurposed and vintage silk .

Early Studies for Repurpose Series

This photo is the beginning of one of my 2015 pieces, ” For Dad”(private title) “Renewal” (title for the label) Fits and starts of the boro sensibility, experimentation with different materials, the interrelationship of the wool and the jacquard.


indigo with a lovely indigo flower.

Scarves for sale at Peters Valley

Peters Valley Store and Gallery—Carol LeBaron Laminated Scarf Merino and other wools hand felted on silk chiffon. Hand wash and dry.

My new studio table

I am happy it is twelve feet long and seven feet wide and I can get all the way around it. It is also made so if I do bigger pieces we can add to it.

Getting back to work

I had a great prognosis this morning. New bone is growing the way it should. Six more weeks in the brace all on track. Up to two miles a day up and Down hills. Never thought I would be grateful to be able to wash dishes.

The walk to the mailbox

The walk to the mailbox has become the days large adventure. My world has become very small. This is the journey to and home from the mailbox. Elbow and I visited the mother spider , you can see her nest in the mail box    

As time passes…

The initial piece is around two by three inches. Yesterday’s grew to about a foot long. Today… We will see…

On guard

Where I am right now elbow and I are guarding the hill

Textile Forum Article

I used to be so inspired by Textilforum when I was at RISD as a graduate student. Now, here I am, published there. Now I can be an inspiration to students. What a gift. Textile Forum Quarter 2 2012: Resist Dyeing II

12 of 12 for October 2011

twelve and twelve for October. My family was up at Squam and I was here in Stony Creek. So 900 miles apart twelve and twelve!

A sign?

I think I am being sent a sign from the universe. I just had a second inquiry on an unrelated art piece from another potential client; I always dreamed of just putting my art out into the world, I wonder if that time in my life is arriving.   I feel as if I am […]

Thinking about little pieces

I am reflecting on the difference between conscious and intermittent thought patterns. I thought I was just going to be able to put the small pieces of fabric together and it would turn into this amalgamated piece. But its impossible, even with the tiniest bits, not to look at the color.

Learning about blogging

Learning about blogging. It seems a little complicated. I have found some wonderful blogs and wonder how to get all the links on them.

Repurpose project in progress

This is the felted wool I use in my art work, some is repurposed blankets and clothes to begin with, and now, double repurposed as being leftovers made into a new piece. Its for a repurposed art exhibit in Atlanta this fall. I have been saving these bits for years and have had this idea for […]

12 of 12 for July 2011

This was a quiet day at my folks house in Sudbury, just enjoying their company and doing ordinary things.


Ok this is the one that was in the paper, so, appropriate for a public venue haha


Mistaking the transient for the permanent, the impure for the pure, pain for pleasure, and that which is not the self for the self: all this is avidya, lack of spiritual knowledge.

Thinking of a title…

So it turns out I have a solo exhibition in Johnson City in MARCH. haha. suddenly I have to be ready its almost March. Thinking of a title….. I think I will call it Habitats. (The exhibit, I mean, this piece is Evening Wetlands, so the habitat, is an evening wetland)  

Special day

Watching the sun rise on a very, very special day. Love in my heart for everyone in my life. Grateful to be alive, I am at the Jacquard Center, getting ready to weave throws. Life is a gift.

“A work of art is an abstract or epitome of the world.”

“A work of art is an abstract or epitome of the world. It is the resultor expression of nature, in miniature. For although the works of natureare innumerable and all different, the result or the expression of themall is similar and single. Nature is a sea of forms radically alikeand even unique. A leaf, a […]

View in the Outdoor Studio

Here is my outdoor setup where I was dyeing And here is the work on the table inside my studio I also moved a lot of wood!!! Excellent weight bearing exercise for my bones

Dry Pitchers

Image size is 72 inches h x 56 inches wide. This is part of my new jacquard series.

Bottom of The Hill — 2009

Barn at the bottom of the hill

I walk past this red barn at the bottom of the hill by my house.  My studio is past this, I turn a corner onto the road below, and walk back to just below my house at the bottom of the hill. Every time I walk from the house to the studio there are new […]