plan, antiplan, people's heads

Plan/Antiplan/unplan/Time I find myself, in this preholiday stillness, with large piles of unrelated projects.  Bills to pay, digital files, website planning, new workshops planned for 2023, Christmas decorations, bread recipe, ingredients for a turmeric-based cleansing drink—some are in my mind, some scattered around the house and studio.  I think it is because basic human needs […]

Figuring stuff out is Weird

So you might wonder why there’s a shovel here. Imagine if you had all this snow and you didn’t have a shovel. What if there was no such thing as a shovel? Well, then you would have to invent the shovel. This is how I feel as I learn how to make these blog posts […]

New Beginnings

Sometimes you just have to step back and start small. Inch by inch, color changes are laid out on a grid. Precision stitching allows meditative healing. 

Artist Struggles- Ken LeBaron

  This journal entry from my father is such a personal story of an artist’s discouragement; it is from the artist journal of my late father.   This is poignant for me as it echoes the places I enter in my own work; that struggle for vision.

Watermelon video

I love molten aluminum, ever since I watched the aluminum pours at RISD as a graduate student.  So when I came across this video, I knew it would be a completely unexpected thing.  To melt aluminum in the back yard, to make such a discovery- would be a very fine thing.


Horsetail moss I am pretty sure! Always so happy to see green this time of year.

Maybe Spring..?.

It always amazes me to see these on the last day of January. These brave daffodil shoots always come out at the end of January. It will be another six weeks or so before we see blossoms. Today it is snowing and I will photograph them when I go by them.

Vertical Frozen Mud

Who knew mud could freeze in a vertical configuration. I think it had to do with the way the water trickled down the hill. I looked at my feet when it began crunching

Student Experiments: Dominant and Subordinate

So today was the first day of 3d Design Class. These students have never made anything three dimensional; all their art experience is drawing and painting. I tasked them with bringing in things from home and/or using what they found in the classroom and experimenting with what it was like to make three dimensional drawings; […]

Secret Keeper

There is an ancient legend that trees are secret keepers. I wonder how many secrets this one has.

miracles in the small things

Today on my walk there were so many tiny miracles everywhere. Every juxtaposition of color, of texture, of light is a beautiful tapestry that is ever changing.

temp still life

We have all sorts of strange stuff hanging all around. The metal is cold and the wall is cold and the light is cold.

7: Looking through

I saw a challenge of a topic of looking through and I thought the idea was fascinating I couldn’t find the challenge again but I still like the idea of the photo

Penland class photo


I am really looking forward to Pro Chem this summer. A fantastic studio and space for you to make any new work or do projects and learn new things combining with what you are already doing. Quilters, this is made for you!  

Hay bales

Even though its into December, this verdant new growth is sprouting out of the hay bales.

Blue Plum Festival Exhibition

This is at the Tipton Gallery on Spring St in Johnson City TN. The gallery will be open from 1-5 today during the Blue Plum festival.

Whidbey Island

wonderful memory and cant wait to go again. I loved teaching this class with Jozef.

Come to Peters Valley in June to Create Patterns on Wool and Silk with Acid Dyes

Create Patterns on Wool & Silk with Acid Dyes Date: June 22 – 26, 2012 (5 Days) Instructor: Carol LeBaron Level: Beginner and Beyond Class Description: Come create patterns with both surface and immersion techniques on wool and silk. Beginners will learn the fundamentals of dyeing and printing protein fibers, while advanced students will have […]

Major Commission

I just received a major commission for three pieces to go in Las Vegas hotel. I thought I was out from under!!!

Repurposed Opening

Repurposed Opening October 6 Curated by Cynthia Farnell. I will exhibit my current piece.

Innovations in St Louis

I will be exhibiting Dry Pitcher in Fiber Focus during Innovations in St Louis this fall. I hope I can go and see all my Columbia and St Louis friends.

Packing up the Luxor piece

  This is one of three in a permanent installation at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas.It is nine feet square. I need a friend to go take a picture!  

Canning Jar Dyeing Workshop!

Canning jar dye at Peters Valley, dye yarn, roving, felt, or small shibori pieces, learn a simple easy way to work at home! A scarf in a jar! June 10-12

Summer Workshop

We will paint, print, collage and make beautiful work on wool in this exciting workshop with Carol LeBaron July 24-29!!

Green: The Color and the Cause

This exhibit opens this weekend in Washington, Dc. I have a piece, Dry Pitcher, in it. If you are near the area, I wish you would go! I dont think I will be able to make it there.

Opening Tonight

    Its at the Nelson Fine arts Center in Johnson City tn part of first friday. Earth Fare is doing the food.


Working on a new commission for Skyline Art Services.

Spirited Calligraphy Symposium

  Video of the symposium. Sogen Hirano, Spirited Calligraphy, 10/8/2010 A video of artist Sogen Hirano doing his kimono calligraphy. This is a longer video, covering from start to finish of this piece. Posted by Kim Reimann on Saturday, October 9, 2010 Here is a video of Michiko, in the live calligraphy performance Michiko Hamasaki, […]


Commission piece entitled “Footprints” in memory of the greyhounds who were not rescued. Done for a woman who rescues them.

2011 workshop at John C Campbell

THE BEAUTY OF WOOL: RESIST EXPLORATIONS Dyeing, Felt MakingJanuary 9-15, 2011Advanced WeekInstructor: Carol LeBaronTuition: $596.00Explore resist techniques on wool and silk using acid dyes, combined with fabric collage. Learn the fundamentals of dyeing and printing protein fibers, which adapt well to shaping. Sample the textural effects of laminated felt and felt resist. Also dye wool […]

Taming the Forest

The piece as installed last year. Still need to get a good photo taken. This is in Pilesgrove, New Jersey, at my friend Denise’s home. She owns a wonderful horsefarm and breeds show horses and gets them trained, and boards them.  

Rain on the lake

Spent my first night of this year at squam last night. Peace, joy, serenity. As I walked into center harbor to do some work today, the carillon was playing a hymn in the square. All is well. The rain on the lake echoes circles of peaceful, quiet thought .

Ice-covered Cattails

I shot this picture outside Troy, New York. I am thinking of the way Nature’s creations are presented to us daily, each with a particular light and sensibility