Every year, I celebrate the winter Solstice by lighting a fire just before sunset and keeping it going throughout the long winters night until just after sunrise. Difficult as this year has been I have so much hope this year. I have many of the same obstacles that kept me from the productivity I hoped for last year.n. But, this year, I somehow have more strength, direction, and ability to look for support from all of you than I did last year.
My fire blazed through the night, and that healing energy and bringing of the light is for all. Here are a few consecutive shots. The first is it as it is built. I had two big stumps to keep it going overnight. Then, lighting it off, what it looked like at sunset, and again at midnight.
This morning it was still going and I threw another pallet on, it burned past sunrise.
Well they went onto this post with the midnight one first so you will have to go to the end and then go backwards. Kind of like Merlin, who lived his life backward.

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