Creating the Color Yellow

When Spring arrives, my thoughts turn more and more to the colors outside, rather than the deep memory colors from midwinter. The sun, the spring flowers, the new growth, all call me.   The need to reproduce the color is visceral. I primarily work with acid dyes, because they give me the rich deep color in […]

Creative Color

Orange color creativity inspiration

I have not written for quite a while.  At the beginning of 2021, I was publishing on Medium.  I still plan to keep that up.  But, I need to figure out where my time is best spent. Right  now, I am focused on working with color.  It’s so exciting that I want to share my […]

Lichen color Wet Bark

It is rainy and snow just about gone. The world is brown and grey. Yet the subtleties of color in this bark stand out.

Magenta Hills

The mountains really are this color sometimes. When we first moved to Tennessee I used to call it the impossible colors.


Nature has its own ways of displaying colour, and it does so with abandon; colours in their natural state are wild, uninhibited, free. They shift and vary, they grow and recede—always dynamic, always unpredictable. Colours like to mix it up, and they don’t sit still. These tendencies are inspiring, but not always practical—at least not […]