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53/365: Slushy Rocks

The ice is finally melting.
Slushy Rocks

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29/365: Frozen Twigs and Grasses

The little stream by my walk is an ever changing sculpture.
Frozen twigs

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28/365: Vertical Frozen Mud

Who knew mud could freeze in a vertical configuration. I think it had to do with the way the water trickled down the hill. I looked at my feet when it began crunching
Vertical Mud

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Red chair on ice

I could imagine a slideshow of this posture on this chair in many different settings…on the beach, on the mountain top, in a city street, on top of a building, on the back of a ramp truck…..one slide after the other.

(Oh I should mention its my brother. Clearly we have a lot in common.)

Searching for solitude


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This is on the appalachian trail up by iron mountain. It is a cow drinking thing I think like a cistern.


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Light in the ice

Light in he

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Winter grass


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Ice-covered Cattails

This was taken outside Troy, New York, during the Ice Storm last year. I am thinking of the way Nature’s creations are presented to us daily, each with a particular light and sensibility

Ice-covered Cattails


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Photos of the ice storm December 2008

There was an ice storm in Goshen in the winter of 2008.  It is hard to imagine it was this long ago.  There was so much ice and snow; we were visiting New England over Christmas. We were stranded with good friends, plenty of food, no elecricity or water for over a week. 

I took so many pictures.  The light in the ice was an infinite maze of line and form.   am fascinated by the close up view, the way soft forms are encased in the ice, wish I could learn to manipulate glass and recreate it. It was like being in a crystal palace.

December 2008 Ice Storm 

Turkey Feathers Encased.jpgIce covered pods.jpgCrystal Seeds.jpg4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg8.jpg

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