Light in the Dark Moon

new moon in starry sky

Light. I have been doing a lot of thinking about light and darkness, contemplation, placements, and the moon, particularly in the closing of this balsamic Pisces moon and tomorrows dark moon, with the upcoming new moon cycle. I love the dark moon time. I do not think of light and darkness as opposites.  Rather, I […]

Jacquard Textiles – Early MornSquam

This Jacquard fabrics was created from photographs of Great Island at Squam Lake in New Hampshirite in the early morning. First I photographed, then painted and drew.  I scanned the drawings into the computer and then created six end satin weaves from this.  It is an end on end warp and at that time, at […]

Cold Sunrise January 2015

The snow was piling up in New England. Here in Stoney Creek we had echoes, flurries, and cold sunshine.