Master The Basics or go deeper into Advanced techniques!


Learn the basics of acid dyes

Acid dyes are safe, easy to use, and environmentally friendly.  I can teach you all you need to know whether you are a weaver, a knitter, crocheter, or someone who wants to know how to dye and design silk and wool fabric.

If you would like to create your own fabric designs or custom colors for your fiber for felting or yarn, I would love to help you turn those visions into reality


What You Will Learn

Delve into the magic of color on cloth

You Will Go Over...

You Will Do...

Online Workshops

Meditative Mending: A Sashiko Stitching Live Workshop

Did you know that stitching can help you meditate?

In this 2-hour class you’ll come away with:

  • How to do the simple and decorative sashiko stitch that you can use to mend clothes and linens
  • Patterns you can easily follow whether you’re a beginner or advanced
  • Examples of different ways you can use this
  • A simple activity to clear and focus your mind (it’s so easy to do!)

  • A helpful alternative to “sit-and-close-your-eyes” meditation that just doesn’t work for people who can’t sit still


Grab this online workshop now!

Creative Color

Online Workshop

Learn how color awareness can impact your life.

This workshop consists of videos and a workbook.

You will get a series of videos with a PDF workbook that follows the videos. 

You Will: 

  • Learn methods to release creativity 
  • Transform your emotions into creative energy!
  • Open the floodgates of your inspiration
  • Have lifetime access to this workshop so you can go at your own pace!

Signature Workshop

Explore The Beauty of Wool Stitch & Dye

In my signature workshops, you will explore resist techniques on wool and silk using acid dyes, combined with fabric collage.  Learn fundamentals of dyeing protein fibers, which adapt well to shaping.  

Learn a variety of ways to create texture and color. You will depart with a collection of samples and/or a simple finished piece. 

If you are a spinner, weaver, felter, or knitter, you may bring your roving and/or skeins of yarn. You can learn how to make beautifully custom colored materials for your projects.

participants’ work