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Solo Exhibit at the Customs House

May-July 2016 I will create a solo exhibit from the concept of Wetland Mitigation, at Customs House Museum, Clarksville, TN.

Evening Wetlands

Evening Wetlands

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The work at the William King Museum

William KIng William King

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Light in the ice

Light in he

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Winter grass


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The joy in the beauty of simple things.

this may speak only to eco-dyers, but … such a resist print made by a gingko leaf onto a silk jersey makes my heart happy and serene. Of course, some rust lines help too. —Fabienne Dorsman-Rey

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Fruits of the Loom: The nearly lost art of textile manufacturing.

Article and slideshow from this weekend’s From the New York Times Magazine.

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“…or you wouldn’t have come.”


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Scarves for sale at Peters Valley

Peters Valley Store and Gallery—Carol LeBaron Laminated Scarf

Merino and other wools hand felted on silk chiffon. Hand wash and dry.

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