One on One

Come and have individualized training

Does Any of This Sound Like You?

  • You have no idea where to start, but you have a lot of ideas and you can’t imagine how to bring them from inside your head and heart to a shape you want them to be in.
  • You don’t like talking about yourself + you feel weird about putting yourself out there.
  • You feel private about your work and creativity
  • You don’t want to be working with a whole group of people because you know that personalized attention will be specific and unique to you

Imagine If...

Hi! Would you enjoy spending a little extra time with me to go a little deeper into your work or learn how to create beautiful stitch and dye?

I really believe that creativity and art makes all our lives better. I have learned over the years that stitching and art making are forms of active meditation, and are healing for our hearts, minds, and spirit. 

I have found that some people like to go deep into process., If the thought of extra guidance and personal attention resonates with you, then think about this — a session with me could make the difference between:

  • Actually getting to the bottom of that pile of unfinished projects and transforming them into beautiful art and/or functional items
  • And the frustration we all have with the way our work looks when we are in the beginning stages and we just need that extra secret know how to make our ideas blossom.
  • I am so busy!! I have a zillion projects and things to do, and that is  one of the reasons I do active meditation mending in between my large art and commission pieces.
  • I have gained so much peace over the years with my process and I would love to help you integrate sustainable and meditative art practices into your creative life.

Together we will craft every single step at a pace that works for you. When you work one-on-one, you get to go deeper.

We will design your own personal journey using my specialized techniques that I’ll share with you. All of my secrets.

Step 1

Meet together and work out your personalized plan.

Step 2

Implementation. We begin to meet and you learn all of the techniques you need to know the work you want to make.

Learn how to get inspiration and creativity, especially when you’re stuck.

Step 3

Finished work.  

You’ll have everything you need to create