One on One

Come and have individualized training

Does Any of This Sound Like You?

  • You have no idea where to start, but you have a lot of ideas and you can’t imagine how to bring them from inside your head and heart to a shape you want them to be in.
  • You don’t like talking about yourself + you feel weird about putting yourself out there.
  • You feel private about your work and creativity
  • You don’t want to be working with a whole group of people because you know that personalized attention will be specific and unique to you

Imagine If...

  • Invite them to paint their own picture with questions:

    Imagine that you [have result, result, result].

    What will it feel like when [you have your big why]?
    How will it feel when you [no longer think about limiting belief?]
    Imagine what your days will be like when you [don’t have pain points anymore].
    What will be possible for you when [you have result or pain point is gone?]

  • Imagine if your work becomes a conversation

  • That’s exactly why I created (program, course, product service) – to help you get (result) without (pain point, limiting belief).


Together we will craft every single step at a pace that works for you. When you work one-on-one, you get to go deeper.

We will design your own personal journey using my specialized techniques that I’ll share with you. All of my secrets.

Step 1

Meet together and work out your personalized plan.

Step 2

Implementation. We begin to meet and you learn all of the techniques you need to know the work you want to make.

Learn how to get inspiration and creativity, especially when you’re stuck.

Step 3

Finished work.  

You’ll have everything you need to c