Red chair on ice

I could imagine a slideshow of this posture on this chair in many different settings…on the beach, on the mountain top, in a city street, on top of a building, on the back of a ramp truck… slide after the other. (Oh I should mention its my brother. Clearly we have a lot in common.) […]

12 of 12 for October 2011

twelve and twelve for October. My family was up at Squam and I was here in Stony Creek. So 900 miles apart twelve and twelve!


found this pic of my dad from my brother, perfect for my mood tonight.

Rain on the lake

Spent my first night of this year at squam last night. Peace, joy, serenity. As I walked into center harbor to do some work today, the carillon was playing a hymn in the square. All is well. The rain on the lake echoes circles of peaceful, quiet thought .